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Our latest DVD Randy Oxford Band has been released and is available on our DVD sales page filmed at NABF

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Juke Joint Video is completing the very last scenes on the new Kenny Neal Family DVD.

We are also gearing up for this years concert and festival season. Anyone interested in pricing for a festival shoot give us a call at  978 423 1517 .

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Juke Joints were usually a one room shack on the outskirts of a southern plantation. During Prohibition, Juke Joints were the only places people could go and buy bootleg liquor. It was also a place to go to listen to music, dance and cut loose from the daily hardships of being a plantation migrant farm worker or sharecropper.

The word juke means "to shake up" and that they did. The Juke Joints became known as a place where they played ( what was referred to as) "The Devils Music". The so-called "Devils Music" became the foundation for Rock and Roll and thus Blues was born.



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March 29th 2009

Juke Joint Video will be Filming Charlie Musselewhite at the Strand Theater in Rockland, Maine on April 14th 2009. This Event is Produced by Paul Benjamin of North Atlantic Records.Tickets are available at http://www.northatlanticbluesfestival.com/ Join us for this great event and witness for youself one of the top Harp Players in the world.

January 13th 2009

Ahhh buzy week! We have been working all week with Youtube to get the first ever HD Blues video uploaded. It was a Total of 998 Meg and it took 4 days sooooo here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch HD Blues Hope you all enjoy it

May 13th 2007

In memory of Carey Bell 1936-2007 Carey Bell

May 7th 2007

Big Joe Duskin
We have recieved information that Big Joe Duskin has passed on today. Big Joe
one of the great Boogie Woogie piano players will be sadly missed by all.
To honor Big Joe we have created a link to some very rare video footage of this Great Blues Master.
Big Joe video

March 28th 2007

www.mary4music.com   Peter"Blewzzman" Lauro has completed a great review of our Little Milton Dvd "The Last Concert"
Peter is also an affiliate writer for Blueswax magazine.
See the review here
Peter's Review  
You can also see a sample video of this great
blues legend on our video page Videos

February 9th 2007

Tab Benoit

Juke Joint Video in collaboration with North Atlantic Records completed the final edit of the new Tab Benoit DVD.  "The Voice of the Wetlands" DVD is now available on our video page Tab's sample video here